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Short Period Loans

Loufin Financial Services is a registered credit provider, established in 1995, and based in the Western Cape. Our main goal is to provide credit to our clients, and to serve our market ethically and transparently, well within the bounds of the law and regulations of the NCR. This entails the development of a trusted relationship with our clients, constantly looking after their financial needs.

Loufin is a family-run company, and has been providing the Western Cape community with microloans, large and small. We look at each client’s needs and provide credit in line with what is affordable for them. We offer loans for between 1-12 months depending on the amount the client qualifies for. Many of our clients have been making use of our facilities for many years, and we value their repeat business. These clients are considered an extension of the Loufin family.

We strive to be one of the leading credit providers in our market, giving the best and most affordable service, constantly being up to date with the latest technology for the micro finance industry.

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