Repayment Rates

 Amount  1 Month  2 Month  3 Month  6 Month  12 Month 
R500.00R650.00R695.00R713.07R788.04R1 430.32
R1 000.00R1 276.15R1 334.70R1 369.11R1 519.14R2 176.53
R1 500.00R1 787.85R1 874.24R1 937.47R2 162.47R2 862.14
R2 000.00R2 345.76R2 460.01R2 545.30R2 845.27R3 569.23
R2 500.00R2 903.67R3 167.31R3 260.01R3 626.82R4 329.88
R3 000.00R3 595.77R3 765.72R3 879.36R4 329.36R5 047.71
R3 500.00R4 175.66R4 373.46R4 506.92R5 031.89R480.48
R4 000.00R4 755.56R4 981.21R5 134.46R5 734.49R6 483.23
R4 500.00R5 335.47R2 794.49R5 762.03R6 437.03R7 201.06
R5 000.00R7 918.88R6 196.72R6 389.60R7 139.57R7 918.88
R5 500.00R6 495.27R6 804.48R7 017.14R7 842.17R8 636.59
R6 000.00R7 075.18R7 412.23R7 644.71R8 544.71R9 354.41
R6 500.00R7 655.08R8 019.98R8 272.28R9 247.25R10 072.23
R7 000.00R8 234.99R8 627.74R8 899.82R9 949.85R10 789.94
R7 500.00R8 814.89R9 235.49R9 527.39R10 652.39R11 507.76
R8 000.00R9 350.53R9 798.98R10 115.48R11 315.45R12 204.11
R8 500.00R9 927.69R10 403.99R10 740.56R12 015.59R12 920.48
R9 000.00R10 504.85R11 009.00R11 365.6612715..66R13 636.96
R9 500.00R11 082.00R11 614.00R11 990.76R13 415.73R14 353.44
R10 000.00R11 600.09R12 157.09R12 558.83R14 058.86R15 012.80

Please note that this is just an indication and that the correct repayments or installments will be quoted before any loan will be given.

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  044 272 5346
  086 598 8252